Glen Ridge Lead Pipes & What You Need to Know

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Glen Ridge Water: Lead Water Service and Supply Line Information

As some of you may know, in July 2021 New Jersey enacted a law requiring all water providers to replace both utility-owned and customer-owned lead and galvanized service lines by 2031.

Under the law, NJ homeowners are responsible for the water supply pipelines used from the curb stop of the supply line to the home. 

Glen Ridge is one of the towns that have completed their portion of the replacement program. 

So what's next for homeowners? 

This issue is likely to be on the agenda at Glen Ridge Township's next council meeting, slated for August 14, at 7:30 pm. 

This link and info from Glen Ridge's town website is probably the best illustration for homeowners to understand who is responsible for what. 

QUESTIONS? Glen Ridge Township says, "If you have any questions, to report an issue, or to verify the supply line
material to your home according to the Borough's water records, please email"