10 Things You Didn’t Know About NJ

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10 Things you didn’t know about NJ

  1. The first organized baseball game was played in Hoboken, NJ in 1846.
  2. New Jersey’s State House is the second oldest still in use. (Maryland has the oldest.)
  3. New Jersey was known as the "Pathway of the Revolution." Over 100 battles were fought on New Jersey soil.
  4. New Jersey has more horses per square mile than any other state. The United States Equestrian Team is headquartered in Gladstone , NJ.
  5. The properties in the United States version of the board game Monopoly are named after the streets of Atlantic City.
  6. The first state to sign the Bill of Rights.
  7. New Jersey is one of only two states (along with Oregon) where self-service filling of gasoline is prohibited.
  8. The first professional basketball game was played in Trenton, NJ in 1896.
  9. New Jersey has 127 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. New Jersey is home to more than 9,800 farms covering 790,000 acres of farmland.

New Jersey ranks

  • 2nd in blueberry production
  • 3rd in cranberry production
  • 3rd in bell peppers
  • 4th in peach production
  • 4th in head lettuce